Social Work – Action Science

This approach of action science goes beyond evidence-based practice. It does not evolve from adding and meta-analyzing empirical data rather than it composes specific theories of action so called “technological knowledge” comprising of multidisciplinary knowledge.

Social Work – Applied Science

Social work is interdisciplinary- several disciplines work jointly from their discipline-specific bases to integrate, combine, or synthesize perspectives, concepts, and/or theories to address a common problem;

Social work is transdisciplinary  – a collaboration between several academic disciplines and practitioners in professional fields outside academe to address a complex real-world problem;

Social work as an integrative applied discipline provides new applications of existing theories (from social sciences and humanities) to problems in life and develops new social work integrative theories, ‘indigenous knowledges’ (IFSW) and models and guides in solving critical social work problems, which can be replicated.

Social Work – Translational science

– Translational science takes both research informing practice competency and the practice informing research competency and operationalizes them to tie the researcher and the practitioner more closely together.